What Others Say About Chuck Epperson

Huk Planas

"I have known Chuck Epperson for many years - too many to remember! He is totally dedicated to the art and tries to teach it to the best of his ability. He has many good students that reflect his ability as a teacher. It is a pleasure for me to come to Chico and teach at Chuck's school ever March as we have done for [many] years now."

Marty Zaninovich

"I have known Mr. Epperson since the early 1980’s, both of us training in the art of American Kenpo. He has always worked very hard and as an athlete, student, and Instructor by showing commitment, integrity, and leadership skills. In this capacity he is responsible for implementing a full range of skills combined with the rules and principals of the Arts. He has not only done an exceptional job with the students; in addition, he also communicates extremely well with the student’s family and friends.

Chuck possesses the human skills that often differentiate the “trained teacher” from those who are really born to teach. He has an exceptional presence, is bright, energetic, creative, and committed to always doing his best. I believe that Chuck’s abilities as a qualified instructor will compliment any level of Martial Artist on their journey."

Anthony Kleeman

"I've been lucky over the years, traveling to train and complete all over, meeting with some of the big names in the world of Martial arts. I can honestly say that Sensei Chuck Epperson can stand shoulder to shoulder with those names, displaying all of the same qualities... Integrity, honesty, and commitment. Chuck, you are a Gentlemen, a Scholar, a Musician, and a great Teacher. It's a pleasure knowing you."

Frank Trejo

"I met Chuck in the 1980's at The International Karate Championships in Long Beach, CA. It feels like I have known him forever! Everybody in karate thinks they are somebody and they want to impress people; Chuck isn't like that. He's a good instructor, one of the best martial artists I know. He gets along with everyone. The way he plays his music is the way he does karate - it comes from his soul!!"

Max Bychkov

"I highly recommend Chuck Epperson’s Kenpo Kali school to anyone serious about quality martial arts instruction. As a high ranking black belt in the Parker Planas Lineage, Chuck Epperson combines his Kenpo expertise with Filipino Martial Arts training to give the student realistic and practical instruction. That knowledge and experience, combined with his teaching style, will give anyone an advantage in a life-threatening combat situation."

Dian Tanaka

"Chico's own Chuck Epperson is an extraordinary example of what a complete martial artist should be. He is an awesome Parker Kenpo practitioner who thoroughly understands the system and can apply it's principles in real-time situations. He is a master instructor and caring school owner with the patience to teach novices as well as motivated black belts. Most importantly, he is a dedicated student of the martial arts on a life long quest to learn and refine his skills."

Bill Sheehan

Bill E. Sheehan

Kenpo Godan

"It is with great pleasure that I extend my best wishes and congratulations to my longtime friend and fellow martial artist, Chuck Epperson, on his creation and founding of his new self-defense style: Kenpo Kali. This unique style is the culmination and blending of various self-defense methods perfected over years of devoted studying and training with many of the premiere martial arts instructors throughout the world. Chuck Epperson's proficiency and skills as a practitioner and instructor provides him with a unique perspective and approach to teaching martial arts, which continues to consistently produce students with the utmost of martial arts skills, understanding, and ability to apply traditional and modern self-defense method, when ones situations in life may one day call upon them to use those skills to defend themselves, or their loves ones. Congratulations, Chuck! I am proud to count you among my friends and as a fellow martial artist."