Learn the Art of Kenpo Kali

with Our Flexible Training Videos

Sensei Chuck Epperson, a 9th Degree Master Of The Arts in Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate, brings his lifetime of expertise directly into your home! Sensei Epperson uses a unique style of boxing, kickboxing, submissions, and Filipino Arts into Kenpo. Each of our 30 training videos teaches a different technique or skill with direct, clear, and thorough instruction.

A Lifetime of Training in Martial Arts

Sensei Chuck Epperson began training in the 1970's and has owned a dojo in Northern California since 1984.

Huk in Middle, Marty who gave testimonial
Trained under Richard "Huk" Planas

Sensei Chuck Epperson remains an active student of Grandmaster Richard “HUK” Planas whom introduced him to the art of Kali in the 1980's. 

Highly Decorated in the Martial Arts Community

Chuck was inducted into USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Los Angeles in 2007 for Senior Professor of the Arts in Kenpo Karate.